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Why Writing and Publishing Takes So Long

One line editor switched around chapters on me so the story made no sense or understandable timeline. This is why you must backup your manuscript.

I had one formatting company format the book for printing. Kindle would not accept the format.
Another formatting professional started sending me edits on the chapters instead of formatting the book for printing.

I had a cover creator try to hold my cover hostage until I would agree to put his name in as consultant. I never did get that cover. I had another made.

When I sent my manuscript over to the book printer to get my 100 printed copies, I was suddenly inundated with over a dozen editing and illustrators wanting to “improve” the book.

I asked another book printer to send a final printed proof so I could verify the print before ordering 100 books. They wanted $49 for the proof plus $22 for shipping to the next state on the map. And they told me this after 6 weeks had gone by.

Development editors, grammar and format editors, layout editors, and tone/zen/feng-shui editors will knock on the door, ring your phone and clog your email up with what they think are stunningly brilliant ideas for your manuscript. And for a tidy price.

Even after the professionals, experts, gurus, and masters had combed through it, I still found at ypo on page 167.
Back up your manuscript after every edit. Create Versions like V-1, V-2 etc. print the manuscript out chapter by chapter. Give it to your manicurist, barber, and auto mechanic to read.

Just get ‘er done.