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From Windy Ridge Book Cover image
Novel – From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills
Novel – From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills
Novel – From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills
Novel – From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills

Kelly Stolter

Fifteen-year-old daughter of Marianna and Nick Stolter. Long, brunette hair, a quick wit and a good aim with her pistols. Kelly is oldest next to sister, Lola twelve, and Colton age ten. It has been a good, comfortable life at Windy Ridge ranch and they were all dedicated on raising and training champion cutting horses. Kelly Stolter image

The teen girl has been devastated by the death of her mother. Weeks earlier, her father, Nick Stolter had ridden away with an old friend intent on bringing back new stock for the horse ranch. But there has been no word, no letters, or contact with him.

The long shot was the Richardson family ranch 135 miles to the south and it had been bequeathed by grandfather Glenn Richardson directly to Marianna. Kelly is torn between waiting at Windy Ridge for her father or making the long journey into the unknown. The pressure starts to rise as she realizes they have no money for the land payment.

Will she ever see her father again?  How will she keep her family together? Her mother’s buried treasure solves one problem. The three children stumble their way into a family secret.

5.0 out of 5 stars
  Emotional Read!  By  NikkyShow  on July 18, 2017  Format: Kindle Edition

From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills is one of the most interesting and touching novel I have read this year. It was an absolutely stunning read with an amazing storyline. The author pulled me in from the beginning and at end left me anticipating for more, the heartfelt story brought tears to my eyes. This is the kind of story that will linger in your thoughts long after you turn the last page.

I so much fancy the manner at which Lee Anne described every scene and character, it is so on-point that you can vividly picture every scene and chapter in your mind.

And the characters? Wow, they are very realistic and you feel you begin to know them.

Lee Anne is such an amazing author. Her writing style is so present, so engaging, you will love the unique warmth she brought to this novel.

Lola Stolter

Lola, age twelve is the middle daughter of Marianna and Nick Stolter. Just under five feet, she has long light brown hair, green hazel eyes and a quick smile.

Lola Stolter image

From an early age, Marianna and Nick knew Lola was different from either of their children. She started reading at two and will read anything she gets her hands on.

Lola is clairvoyant and feels emotions about people she touches. Lola also loves to dig in the dirt alongside her younger brother, Colton. They also share a hunger for pies and cakes.

During the long ride to Flint Hills, Lola senses a family with something to hide, something powerful and dangerous moving in the grass, and a friend of her mother’s that will not be alive the next time they visit.

Lola can sense that her father is trying to get home. But the man who will come home will not be the same man who left so many months ago.

5.0 out of 5 stars
  From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills: A Nick… Lee Anne Wonnacott

By Amazon Customer  on July 16, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition


Great book “From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills: A Nick Stolter Story” by Lee Anne Wonnacott. Clеvеr writing from a wide rаngе оf life еxреriеnсеѕ… This iѕ a muѕt rеаd for everyone…Thе bооk was very hеlрful аnd I dоn’t regret rеаding it. Basically, this is very interesting and it’s an eye catching story you would be interested in because the book kept my interest, and the whole story moved along quite well. I suspended everything I was doing to concentrate on this.

The Author did a very great and awesome job because the style of writing was very clear and well understood. The story is very interesting because it gave me incredible insight into challenges in life. I enjoyed this book and would love to read the whole book over and over.

I read for the purpose of learning and I think I’ve learned from “From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills: A Nick Stolter Story”. The moment I started reading this story, I couldn’t put it down…I’m so glad I took a chance on something with so few reviews and read this!

Colton Stolter

Colton is the youngest son of Marianna and Nick Stolter. He turns ten years old in the story.Colton Stolter image

After his mother, Marianna died, Colton had violent, horrific nightmares. His Labrador retriever, Dusty began sleeping in his room to bring some comfort.

Colton’s father, Nick Stolter spent many hours shooting target practice with the boy. Consequently, Colton is a dead aim with the Winchester rifle. He has a good sense of balance and often challenges Lola to fence walking.

Nick had been teaching Colton and Lola how to track animal marks through the grass and along the trails around the ranch. It was Lola who was the quietest tracking and Colton learned to step in her footprints as they moved across the ranch.

Colton has a sweet tooth for cake and chocolate. He and Lola can talk about foods they have eaten and compare sweetness and taste.  During the trip to Flint Hills, Lola remarked about recording the locations of chocolate cake they find for Colton.

Colton would rather dig for gold than breathe. When Lola found two nuggets in the river that runs north on Flint Hills, she asks the attorney to have it assayed. Once Lola returned Windy Ridge, she told Colton about four miles of river to dig up because there is gold. After they move, the children build a sluice and become gold miners.

It is Colton’s shot made from the roof of the barn that saves their father’s life. Nick is at the head of a running herd and wounded badly. When Kelly missed her shot, Colton fired, bringing down the second outlaw.

AMAZON 5 stars Extremely Descriptive, Addictive And Brilliant!, July 27, 2017 By  Susan Kelly

This review is from: From Windy Ridge to the Flint Hills: A Nick Stolter Story (Kindle Edition)

This book is a very apt example of a rollercoaster ride. It’s brilliant with its ability to keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat from start to finish. It has plenty of twists and turns. You can feel the shock, anguish, and confusion, that every character undergoes as if it were your own.

The storyline is very smooth-flowing and offers something exciting and unexpected at every corner. I loved the writing style of the author and the way the scenes and characters are described, makes the reader feel very involved in the story. I could relate to the characters a lot and connect with them on an emotional level. I loved everything about the way the story unfolded and could not have asked for a better ending, and can’t think of a better sequence of events in any other part of the book either.

All in all, this book is a truly brilliant read for avid readers. No matter what genre you’re a fan of, this is a book you will enjoy