Novel – Nick Stolter

Nick Stolter

Fifteen new head of horse for breeding stock. Five hundred in gold for a better year for his family. All he had to do was ride through the wilds of Arizona with a friend. An easy job.

Chaos erupted at the herd rendezvous. Shots fired in an ambush. The horses were gone. No stock, no gold, failure. Battered, bruised and beaten. Then Stolter woke up to find three Mexican kids watching him. His horses waited in the next valley and the animals secretly carried the gold.

Five hundred miles to his front gate. Alone. Dogged by outlaws, nick-of-time help from a new friend along the trail. The telegram gave him the ultimate bad news about home. Twenty-two stitches, a thundering herd, bullets fly and miles of dust. What could go wrong, did go wrong. A ten-day trip turned into months of Hell.

Nick Stolter is a perma-free book. It is the other half of the From Windy Ridge  to the Flint Hills story. Read Nick Stolter after you read From Windy Ridge  to the Flint Hills.

Published: Dec. 13, 2015

Words: 94,720

Language: English

ISBN: 9781311795168

Print Length: 260 pages

Fiction – Western – Thriller – Suspense - Action


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