Novel – Newton Cutter

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Angus Tolliver and his crew knew every dirty trick in the book, from robbing and rustling to cold-blooded murder. The four of them had left death and destruction from the Oregon border down through the California gold fields and on into Southern California. This time, Tolliver rolled into Bradford with vengeance simmering, once way or another.

After five years, Newton Cutter got a glimpse of the evil he thought he had left hundreds of miles behind him. His now, near-perfect life as a blacksmith in the western small town was about to be torn to shreds and the ugly truth about his past exposed.

It is 1855 and Cutter’s gun belt had laid cold and silent in the metal box all these years. He had built a home, proposed marriage to his beauty and found a prosperous life. But now, the irresistible force had come seeking the immovable object.

Published:  8/2014

Words:  102,000

Language:  English

ISBN:  9781311406637

Fiction Romance Western


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