Novel – Iron and Rawhide

Book cover Iron and Rawhide

Gil Washburn was born outside Santa Fe, New Mexico Territories to a mother travelling east. He grew up in big cities and by necessity became good with his fists. By age sixteen, he had worked the east coast docks for two years.

A born hustler, Washburn bought passage onto a clipper going around the tip of South American and worked keeping himself alive. He cooked, dealt cards, mended harnesses and removed bullets from time to time. When he got down on his luck, his rock-like fists won some eating money and he kept going.

It had been a profitable friendship for the past five years but Whelihan had always been the faster draw but weaker in the fists. An argument over a stage strong box made Colt .45 hammers click and Washburn escaped with his life and bruised pride. Only one man ever beat him and that left an indelible mark on Washburn’s life. It was time for pay backs, to even the score and Washburn had the gunfighter in his sights.

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Published: Oct. 14, 2014

Words: 172,250

Language: English Fiction, adventure, action, romance, western

ISBN: 9781310731150


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