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Fiction Books imageNumber 1:  use Pronoun. Com   They will distribute your e-book to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble Nook and KOBO Canada.   Write up an attractive author page for Pronoun.


Number 2:  use   They will distribute out to a custom list of book suppliers.  Be sure to remove off the distributors from Pronoun so you don’t duplicate (and confuse!) those vendors.


Number 3:  Use  They will also distribute out your e-book and will take a cut on every book sold. It is a big reach so be sure to use it.


Number 4:  Get over to

You will need to have your book formatted for print. Even if you have no intention of selling a printed book, you will still need 25 printed copies for reviewers. I have not found an easier, cheaper way to do this than IngramSpark. Ingram will distribute out to all non-Amazon vendors.  There is a $49 fee for getting your print book set up.


Number 5:  Go to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and get your book up on there.

This is specific to Kindle only and there should be no fees.


Number 6:  Go to and get your print book specifically set up for sales on Amazon.

See if their print copies are cheaper than anyone else for the reviewers.


Number 7:  Go over to and set up a $19 printed book.

Do you think your novel is perfect right now?  Get it printed, hold it in your hands and have another look.  You will find more mistakes. Everyone does. I do this with every book. This is the hardest, bone-head lesson I have learned in writing.


Number 8:  Go over to

This company in England and its employees are very good at worldwide distribution. Their services start at $299 and go up. You are paying for professionals and a world-wide network. You will need a thick skin because they don’t sugar-coat anything and don’t hold back on where you can improve. You want no doubts about your book, use them.


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