Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Starting Up

How to organize your time so you know what to do when. Maybe you need a good calendar method so you won’t lose track of the dozens of tasks to be done. Starting up your small business can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Tips & Tools

Rich Schefren says that we are all at war with time and to not let it win. I agree. Keep experimenting with tools until you find the one that is comfortable and easy to use.


We all hunt for the most efficient use of our time, money and resources. Start asking questions on how others do it. Stop throwing your money down the drain in hopes of making more money.

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Client Testimonials

I’d still be sitting in the garage drinking been and depressed if it wasn’t for LeeAnne. She helped me connect out to hot-shot freight haulers to move my product down to the huge market in Southern California. She also hounded me to get my backside in gear. I’ll never have a month with no sales ever again.

Ellis-M image
Ellis M. – Blue Lake, CA. Custom Redwood Picnic Tables and Benches

I’m basically a lazy person and I’d rather make a thousand phone calls than go knock on doors. I’m stall a lay-about, but I do have good moments where I get the important stuff done. LeeAnne may not carry a whip, but she does own a cattle prod and that’s what it took for me to make more of an effort.

Ofelia D. – Vista CA Thee Dee Housecleaners

Sometimes the trees get in the way when you’re trying to view the forest. All I could see was a forest of problems. I was overwhelmed. LeeAnne hid my chainsaw and taight me how to break jobs down in to smaller parts. I can look at a huge job differently now. I stopped doing the wrong things and started doing more of the right things.

Bertie-L image
Bertie L – Santee CA Mobile Auto Detailers

I wasted years running around to conventions and trade shows, tying to prove I was just as good as those corporate big boys. Lee Anne helped me find the real customers who liked and trusted me for this custom work. Now, I’m a big fish to my clients and that was all I wanted.

Lukas-G image
Lukas G – Las Vegas Black and Blue Turbine Engine Repair

I have the attention span of a gnat and a real short fuse on my temper. I’m hard to get along with because of that. It’s hard to believe I let that little woman, LeeAnne boss me around like she did. But I’m glad she did. I can work for longer periods of time and concentrate better now.

Enrique-O Image
Enrique O – Tijuana Baja Custom Paint and Auto Body