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COMING FALL 2017: So You Want to Start a Business

Answers About What to Do.

By Lee Anne Wonnacott
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Las Vegas, NV
Trade paperback
You have an idea or several for a product or service. All your friends and family have purchased it. Your sales have come to a block wall. Maybe you are still toiling in a cubicle and wishing for a way to get out on your own.
The guy down on the corner who is a pro at getting the overnight packages out on time. The deli guy who put up your flyers in his window, sell you half off sandwiches, and whose nephew will help with the website. Start building that list of a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy.
This is how you put one thing together with another thing and create a linked chain that goes on. Stop banging your head against that cement garage floor. You want to link your arms with those who can help you with that endless list of things to be done.
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What Business to Start?

We are here to help you get around those roadblocks, fulfill your dreams, and live happier.

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Improving You Icon

Improving You

Get organized. Be on time. Gain stamina. Absorb knowledge.

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Customer Service icon

Customer and Client Services

Customer service starts before the sale. We’ll show you how!

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Hiring Resume Icon

Recruiting & Hiring

Post a job ad. Screen the resumes. Conduct the interviews. Find the right person.

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Marketing Outreach

Marketing Outreach

Ask them what they are worrying over. Offer your objective help with several solutions. 

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Pursuit of Sales

How to get in front of more prospects. How to stand out in a crowded field of competitors.

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Business Internal Operations

Policies on returned products and construction guarantees. Procedures for answering the phone and earthquakes.

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Before You Quit icon

Before You Quit That Day Job

You’ll need more money than you thought. No more days off. Here come the sleepless nights.

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